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2021 in Retrospect: Writing the Year Away

Dear reader,  How do I stop writing? Can anyone please answer that? Can anyone save me from what saves me? Where can I hide from the pen? Where do I hide from the self? Even this post is being written without my permission, nor do I wish for it to come to life. An accident, […]

The Leaves Were Falling And I Was Born

Dear reader, Where did time go and how am I marking 26 years since my fellow aliens dropped me on earth? And why is a period of 26 years not enough time to get adjusted to this foreign planet? How much longer does it take? You see, I always feel blue the week before my […]


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Glimpses of Lyra’s Life and Literature

This blog will be a blending of my personal experiences and grand pieces of writing. The personal narrative will be an attempt to bring literature closer to you, introduce you to distinguished authors and make you realize that your life, as boring and normal it may seem, is a story worth telling.

Instead of writing the usual criticism about books where one has to remain objective, stiff and formal, here I will allow myself to use an abundance of personal pronouns and have my writings be genuine, casual, heartfelt, subjective and even quirky at times.

The posts will be LONG as I am unable to be economic with language; storytelling cannot be brief. May you find parts of your own self here, may you feel understood. After all, that is the ultimate purpose of literature, giving a profound sense of belonging to another soul.

from my heart to yours,



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